What to Wear

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Most people say the hardest part of getting photos done of themselves is trying to figure out what to wear(especially FAMILY sessions)! So here are some helpful tips to make it easier and fun for you to figure out.

1.) For a family session: Think COORDINATING, not matchy. You should choose similar shades in the same color family, or you can even choose colors that go together that are in different color families. You don’t want the entire family to look like clones of each other.

2.) You should coordinate the feel of the session (formal, casual, etc…), but each member of the family should dress according to their own personal style. Everyone will feel happier if they comfortable with what they are wearing.

3.) Make sure to wear something that is comfortable, functional, and fun. (Now is the perfect time to pull out that one special dress, cute accessories, or pair of shoes that you have been saving to wear, but never had the chance too. Just remember, if you can’t move in your outfit, walk in your shoes, or just feel self-conscious, it will show in your images…and you probably will not be happy with them)

I am ALWAYS more then happy to help with outfits, so shoot me an email with a picture of your outfit if you are worried or stressed about it. I can give some tips and suggestions, or let you know if somethings not working!


A few other helpful tips:
 - Avoid large logos or print on outfits

-Add layers to yourself. Layering is a great way to bring in other colors, patterns and fabrics. Look around your closet and pull out that old orange scarf that adds a bit of pop!

 -Think about the different textures in the clothes. A mix of sweater material with cottons ect....
 All adds to not looking too matchy.

If going out to buy new clothes a easy option is somewhere like Gap and Old Navy because their collections from men to women, kids and babies all usually coordinate.